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LIVESTREAM How AI Can Promote Inclusive Prosperity

20 October 2020
11:00am - 1:00pm
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Frank Pasquale


Professor Frank Pasquale will discuss his book “New Laws of Robotics: Defending Human Expertise in the Age of AI”, examining the disruption that will be wrought by AI and how we can harness these technologies rather than fall captive to them – but only through wise regulation.

Too many CEOs tell a simple story about the future of work: if a machine can do what you do, your job will be automated. They envision everyone from doctors to soldiers rendered superfluous by ever-more-powerful artificial intelligence. They offer stark alternatives: make robots or be replaced by them.

Another story is possible. In virtually every walk of life, robotic systems can make labour more valuable, not less. Frank Pasquale tells the story of nurses, teachers, designers, and others who partner with technologists, rather than meekly serving as data sources for their computerised replacements. This cooperation reveals the kind of technological advance that could bring us all better health care, education, and more, while maintaining meaningful work. These partnerships also show how law and regulation can promote prosperity for all, rather than a zero-sum race of humans against machines. AI is poised to disrupt our work and our lives, but we can harness these technologies rather than fall captive to them—but only through wise regulation.

How far should AI be entrusted to assume tasks once performed by humans? What is gained and lost when it does? What is the optimal mix of robotic and human interaction? New Laws of Robotics makes the case that policymakers must not allow corporations or engineers to answer these questions alone. The kind of automation we get—and who it benefits—will depend on myriad small decisions about how to develop AI. Pasquale proposes ways to democratise that decision making, rather than centralise it in unaccountable firms. Sober yet optimistic, New Laws of Robotics offers an inspiring vision of technological progress, in which human capacities and expertise are the irreplaceable center of an inclusive economy.

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Presented by The Allens Hub for Technology, Law and Innovation at UNSW.



Professor Frank Pasquale

Professor Pasquale, Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School, is a noted expert on the law of artificial intelligence (AI), algorithms, and machine learning. He is a prolific and internationally recognized scholar. His book, The Black Box Society: The Secret Algorithms That Control Money and Information (2015), has been recognized as a landmark study on how “Big Data” affects our lives, and was recently recognized in a symposium in the journal Big Data & Society. The Black Box Society develops a social theory of reputation, search, and finance, while promoting pragmatic reforms to improve the information economy. His forthcoming book, New Laws of Robotics (2020), and a volume on AI he co-edited, The Oxford Handbook of Ethics of AI (2020), will both be released this year.