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Using Virtual Reality to Understand Balance, Posture and Movement

8 August 2019
11.00am – 2.45pm AEST
Rupert Myers Building, UNSW Sydney
This event has ended
Person holding a virtual reality headset

Join Dr Juno Kim from UNSW’s School of Optometry and Vision Science to discover how virtual reality is being used to understand balance, posture, and movement.

Experience state of the art VR technology to discover how our sense of balance and motion is regulated through both our vision and our vestibular system (the sensory organs of the inner ear that detect gravitational forces applied to our head).


This talk is part of the program of events UNSW Sydney is presenting for National Science Week.

The UNSW program of events includes talks, tours and events that will reveal the science that blows your mind – from an unexpected method to measure dark matter to the feminist history of the internet. See the full program.