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Order and Progress: A Sonic Segue Across A Auriverde

10 - 18 August 2019
10.00am – 3.00pm AEST
Newcastle Museum
This event has ended
photo from inside a planterium

Archaeoastronomical techniques are used with Stellarium planetarium software to simulate the astronomy over Rio de Janeiro at the moment the Republic of Brazil was declared, at 8.30am on 15 November 1889. This is also the astronomical event presented on the Flag of Brazil.

Researcher at Art & Design UNSW Sydney, Dr Angelo Fraietta has been able to extract scientific data from this historical event through the VizieR database of astronomical catalogues, the most complete library of published astronomical catalogues and data tables available online. This astronomical data is then used as input to algorithmic music generation. This work is an example of how scientific data can be used to blend political symbology, scientific data and musical mapping through freely available scientific tools.

The video will be used as an example of how scientific data can be rendered creatively, which will be explained in creative coding workshops that Dr Fraietta will be running during National Science week.

Location: Newcastle Museum, 6 Workshop Way, Newcastle, NSW, 2300 Getting there


This talk is part of the program of events UNSW Sydney is presenting for National Science Week.

The UNSW program of events includes talks, tours and events that will reveal the science that blows your mind – from an unexpected method to measure dark matter to the feminist history of the internet. See the full program.