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My Story Cards

21 July 2021
3.00pm – 4.00pm AEST
This event has ended


Visuals are being increasingly used in communications and as a qualitative research method, reported to gain attention and generate a ‘different’ and ‘richer’ response than text or language alone. “My Story Cards” are a visual tool expressing concepts of human needs and aspirations that are used to identify personally relevant issues and construct a narrative in relation to the user’s context and experiences. This form of visual elicitation stimuli, coined ‘exploratory visuals’, has been expanded to suit a range of audiences and purposes.

This seminar presents PhD research comparing exploratory visuals and text stimuli to understand the interaction between perceptive, cognitive and social factors involved in generating meaning of abstract concepts (personal wellbeing) via different modes. This research has both theoretical and practical implications; As a collaborative mode of knowledge production this research builds on the knowledge of researcher-generated visual elicitation methods as a practical, easy to use and accessible research tool. It provides consistency as a prompt as well as being open in meaning so the viewer can choose their own interpretation, reflecting personal and social meanings. Exploratory visuals help the viewer unearth their inner wisdom and encourages researchers to become more conversant with exploratory and narrative visuals.

Jude Page is a PhD candidate with Population Health and the Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity UNSW. Jude is a clinician who seeks to translate evidence to practice, primarily through promoting client centred approaches and strengthen equity in health. Jude's research interests are in the fields of visual communication, wellbeing and Public Health. As a mixed methods researcher grounded in the disciplines of health, social psychology and social semiotics, Jude has developed a novel form of visual communication and contributed to rethinking how visuals can be used in health communications. Jude developed the first culturally appropriate therapeutic visual tool with Aboriginal People as a social enterprise and continues to develop new tools to empower marginalised populations.

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