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Music Honours Creative Projects 2018: Part 4

13 September 2018
6.45pm – 9.00pm AEST
Sir John Clancy Auditorium
This event has ended

Alison Liu // Viola

Mitchell Hutchinson // Voice

Jennifer Hou // Piano

An Homage to an Homage

As 21st century pianists, we often play works that were written for instruments predating the modern piano. This program charts both the development of the piano and the compositional evolution of French piano music. Each composer on the program wrote for and from the instruments of their time. Couperin’s instrument was the harpsichord. Ravel’s instrument was his beloved Érard piano. Xenakis wrote using mathematical formulas. Discovering ways to exploit the piano of our time to best reflect the sounds and colours as imagined by the composers, whilst also contributing to the tradition through a fresh interpretation has been delightfully fascinating.

Vasile Tiano // Composition 

Emily Granger // Harpist

and the 
Seaside Wind Quintet
Siobhan Zhang // Flute
Jodie Lee // Oboe
Ben Curry-Hyde // Clarinet
Christian Sherlock // Horn
Nick Zengoski // Bassoon

It begins in the realm of pure fantasy – the ideas, the concepts, and the shapes are floating around unorganised. It takes endless nights and long hours to form the best melodies, tone colours, sonorities, and rhythms to create organised sound in dots and squiggles.

Tiano’s music generally reflects his interest in creating rhythmic energy and rich harmonies. Often it is to embrace and reject the world, creating contrast and unity; and the concepts of stability and instability in his works.