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LIVESTREAM COVID-19: The ultimate public health challenge

13 August 2020
4:00pm - 5:00pm
This event has ended
graphic image of a COVID cell

The COVID-19 pandemic has put health experts on the frontlines of politics. As we continue to navigate our way through the crisis, how we implement science and public health advice in the real world is absolutely critical. Tough decisions are being made every day about how to manage the very real risks we face and how to keep the public informed about what is happening.

Hear from some of the country's leading health experts as they discuss what we've learnt from the pandemic, and what is still to come. 

  • Sarah Dingle, ABC (host)
  • Dr Kerry Chant, NSW Ministry of Health
  • Professor Marylouise McLaws, UNSW Medicine
  • Dr Mark Wenitong, Apunipima Cape York Health Council

The panel will explore different aspects of the COVID-19 response, including from the global, national and state perspective. Topics to be covered include the response of New South Wales to the pandemic, the World Health Organization's perspective, and the Australian Government's response with respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health services.

There will be an opportunity at the end to ask questions in real-time to our live panelists.

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