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Life on Mars

15 August 2019
8.00pm – 9.30pm AEST
Perth Exhibition and Convention Centre
This event has ended
phot of NASA Rover on Mars

Is there life on Mars?

We’ve been asking the question for centuries, but could clues in Western Australia’s Pilbara soon give us answers?

How will people live on the red planet? Is there already simple life there? Will Mars be a base for humanity one day stepping out into the galaxy? Do we have galactic neighbours?

Catalyst will lead this panel of leading Australian and International scientists to give you the answers.

Panellists include: NASA Mars 2020 rover mission program scientist Dr Mitch Schulte; physicist Professor Paul Davies from Arizona State University; astrobiologist from UNSW Sydney, Professor Martin Van Kranendonk; BHP’s Dr Vanessa Lickfold and Curtin University’s Renae Sayers.

Presented by BHP and UNSW’s Big Questions Institute.


This event is part of the UNSW Sydney's program for 2019 National Science Week.

The  UNSW program of events includes talks, tours and events that will reveal the science that blows your mind – from an unexpected method to measure dark matter to the feminist history of the internet. See the full program.