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Innovations in Training: Responding to a Crisis in Virtual Reality

19 September 2022
12.00pm – 1.00pm AEST
Hybrid (limited F2F tickets available)
This event has ended
Spectre Studios representative using virtual reality headset

The PVCESE Innovation Pillar, in collaboration with Arts, Design, and Architecture’s Master of Simulation and Immersive Technologies, is proud to host an exciting and insightful lunchtime talk by virtual reality industry leader Spectre Studios on using Virtual Reality to prepare for crisis events.

Mick Byrne from Spectre Studios will discuss creating a VR experience to prepare students to apply first aid in a disaster, and attendees will have the opportunity to discuss the use of emerging immersive technologies as an instructional strategy. Those attending face to face* will be able to experience the VR training firsthand, while those attending online will see a livestreamed demonstration of the technology.

*Note, while online participation is unlimited, face-to-face tickets are strictly limited, so make sure to book early if you'd like to attend in person.

This event is for anyone with interests in the use of VR for teaching, visualisation and decision making, as well as anyone preparing students to apply skills and knowledge in high-stress situations, such as in medicine and emergency management defence.

Mick Byrne

Mick Byrne

Mick Byrne is the co-founder of EmergiSim VR Training and Business Director at Spectre Studios VR & Virtual Production. Spectre Studios is Australia’s leading visual effects and virtual art studio, working with clients in feature film, government, education, defence and health. Spectre Studios’ EmergiSim arm have delivered projects to ambulance services, fire departments, aeromedical organisations, NGOs and corporate medical clients in Australia and internationally.