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Developments in Sustainable Finance: More Delay and Sharper Transitions

27 May 2021
1:00pm - 2:00pm
Business School + Online
This event has ended
photo of wind generators on a hill

This discussion brings together expert opinion and backgrounds in finance, corporate reporting and planning for sustainable futures. The Australian Sustainable Finance Initiative, by 80+ organisations across Australia's financial system and launched late 2020, proposes urgent action to deal with climate risk, environmental degradation and rising inequality. While the private sector is taking action, the Australian Government remains silent and a rapid pace of events internationally overtake us. However, this also represents an opportunity for Australia to shape its own unique sustainable finance system while learning from the front-runners globally.

  • Linda Romanovska is an independent expert member of the European Union's Platform on Sustainable Finance, which is tasked with assisting the European Commission in developing sustainable finance policies and an EU taxonomy for identifying and regulating sustainable economic activities.
  • Assoc. Prof Kingsley Fong, School of Banking and Finance, is active in researching, developing courses and teaching in Sustainable and Responsible Investing. He is a UN PRI Academy member and part of the Impact & Sustainable Finance Faculty Consortium.
  • Dr Maria Balatbat, School of Accounting, Auditing and Tax, researches and teaches on performance risk related to renewable energy and accounting standard setting.

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