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Cultural values in contrasting disability support policy contexts

11 May 2021
3:00pm - 4:00pm
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Qian Fang, Heng-hao Chang and Karen Fisher will present their recent research on how disability policies interact with the cultural values of Chinese families of children with cognitive disabilities at this seminar for the UNSW Social Policy Research Centre. 

Their research compared qualitative interview data from Chinese families in Taipei and Sydney and demonstrates that disability policies can alleviate tensions from cultural values if the policies enhance families’ capacity of family care and extend care choices. Families had more capacity to manage the tensions if they could expect that formal care and family support were available.

Qian Fang is a post-doctoral researcher at the UNSW Social Policy Research Centre. She studies social policy through the lens of social service non-government organisations (NGOs). Her research combines Chinese and Australian comparative analysis with a particular focus on cultural responsiveness of social services and international Chinese community comparative research.

Heng-hao Chang is a Professor in the Department of Sociology, National Taipei University, Taiwan and is currently the president of the Taiwan Society for Disability Studies. His research interests include disability rights movements, representation of disabilities, and inclusive education for people with disability in Taiwan. 

Karen Fisher is a Professor at the UNSW Social Policy Research Centre. Her research interests are the organisation of social services in Australia and China; disability and mental health policy; inclusive research and evaluation; and social policy process. Karen applies mixed methodology and adopts inclusive research methods with people with disability, families, policy officials and services providers.

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