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Book launch: Arts-Based Methods in Refugee Research

12 November 2019
1:00pm - 2:30pm
The Esme Timbery Creative Practice Lab
This event has ended
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Arts-Based Methods in Refugee Research: Creating Sanctuary by Dr Caroline Lenette, brings together examples of participatory and creative practices where co-researchers with lived experiences share perspectives from different angles. Storytelling through artistic means can bring reprieve from the difficulties of everyday life, and showcase strengths, culture, and hope in a context dominated by negativity about forced migration. Join Caroline and guests to celebrate the importance of arts in refugee research.

The book will be introduced by Dr Safdar Ahmed, a founding member of the Refugee Art Project. He conducts art workshops with refugees and asylum seekers in detention and organises public displays of their artwork to convey something of their experiences and the realities of Australia's detention regime to the broader Australian community. In 2015, Safdar won a Walkley Award in the artwork category for his documentary Webcomic, Villawood: Notes from an Immigration Detention Centre.

Caroline will also be joined by Apuk Maror, a South Sudanese woman living in Western Sydney. She is a co-founder of dance group 'Twic Mayardit', and a secondary school teacher who is passionate about teaching and mentoring.

About Dr Caroline Lenette

Caroline is Senior Lecturer in the School of Social Sciences and Senior Research Associate of the Australian Human Rights Institute, UNSW Sydney. She uses arts-based methods to explore the lived experiences of co-researchers from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds. Caroline explores the ethics of participatory research approaches, especially in creative collaborations.