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The Deep Blue On My Door Step

Graphic image of  the ocean underwatr with fish and coral

A new podcast series released for National Science Week 2020.  

Hosted by Associate Professor Tracy Ainsworth, a coral biologist from UNSW Sydney, this series of 11 podcasts will focus of research being undertaken in Australia by leading marine experts, talking about the marine places on their doorsteps that have inspired them and how their love of these places has influenced their life’s work.



You will hear about some of the most iconic and valuable marine ecosystems that we have on our own doorsteps through the eyes of the people who study them and work to ensure that these places remain intact for generations to come.  

In each of the podcasts we will also talk about what the future holds for these marine spaces, the animals that rely on them, and what change means for these systems and for our society. On our website you will also find photographs of our researchers, the places they work, and the organisms they study.

We hope you love the Deep Blue on My Door Step podcast series as much as we love taking you to these places with us.  

The Deep Blue On My Door Step podcast series is supported by Inspiring Australia New South Wales, for release during National Science Week 2020.

Download our kids activity book

Put yourself in the picture and become a marine scientist in your own story of discovery and adventure. How many sea jellies, sharks and fish you can find?


  1. Starting with Seabirds – Dr Nicholas Carlile Senior scientist NSW Department of Planning Industries and Environment, talks about his research on the seabird populations of New South Wales and the island environments of Australia’s east coast.
  2. Saving Turtles – Dr Duan March, veterinary scientist turtle researcher Southern Cross University and Coffs Harbour Dolphin Marine Rescue, covers his work rescuing turtle population s on the New South Wales north coast.
  3. Chasing jellyfish – Professor Kylie Pitt, Head of Marine Science Griffith University and founder of the Sea jelly lab, takes us on a journey of jelly fish
  4. Wild waves – Dr Hannah Power, University  of Newcastle, talk about the power of waves, from beach erosion and to coral reefs
  5. Gaming sharks  - Dr Vincent Renault, University of Newcastle, how to study sharks, where to find them and a career following sharks.
  6. City to kelp – Professor Peter Steinberg, University of New South Wales, speaks about the importance of blue spaces around our cities and how to preserve them.
  7. Future oysters – Dr Laura Parker, University of New South Wales, is a leading researcher studying oysters of the future and how to build resilience to future ocean conditions.
  8. Antarctica calling – Dr Dana Bergstrom, Australian Antarctic Division, convinces us that Antarctica is the centre of the world from a life leading change in the southern most reaches of our Blue spaces.
  9. Stewarding the seas – Mr John Turnbull, The University of New South Wales, brings us the great southern reef and how people get can involved in protecting our oceans.
  10. People for reefs – Mr Troy Johnson, Ranger Queensland Parks and Wildlife, talks about why people are so important for the future of the Great Barrier Reef.
  11. Iconic EAC – Professor Iain Suthers, University of New South Wales, finishes up the series bringing everything together with the iconic east Australia current and talks where the future lies for the next generation of marine scientists in Australia.