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Gardening below the surface with Operation Posidonia

20 August 2022
10.00am – 3.00pm AEST
Sydney Institute of Marine Science
This event has ended
Photo credit David Harasti

Seagrasses are unique plants that form the meadows of the sea. They provide habitat and food to many species and are highly important in the natural defence against climate change. They are however under immense threat from human activities, but conservation projects like Operation Posidonia are working to safeguard their future.

Marine ecologists from Operation Posidonia and the Sydney Institute of Marine Science invite you to learn about Sydney's seagrass meadows and participate in practical scientific activities to understand how they function. Participants will have the opportunity to share their knowledge with your community, friends and family by taking part in a hands-on science-meets-art activity led by artist Liss Finney.

We encourage participation of upper primary aged students, however this program is suitable to people of all ages.

This event is supported by the Australian Government and Inspiring Australia through the National Science Week grants program.